View Full Version : 3 minute wonder segment Ch 4 just now

09-11-2009, 20:09
Just watched this. Some kids have a lot to put up with, don't they? Sweet, kind angelic little girl, aged 10, and younger brother, comforting and caring for her sobbing, sniffling, self pitying mother. "Nobody likes me *sob* I want people to like me" Pffft!

Poor little kids. She's supposedly suffering from depression and fibromyalgia. Maybe so, but we all feel down at times especially when we're not feeling well, but surely when you're a mother your part is to pull yourself together and protect your kids when they're little, not expect them to pander to you?

I know I probably sound hard and unsympathetic, but what sort of a future will those children have? Faffing round after her all their young lives and feeling guilty for never being able to make her happy?

09-11-2009, 21:06
The kids will probably end up like her. I didn't see it, I admit, but I have a friend who had, let's say...a demanding mother...and they now no longer speak. Just as her mother didn't speak to her mother (my friend's grandmother, if you follow!) forcing my friend to sneak around behind her mother's back if she wanted to see her grandmother. Now my friend's grown up, her mother has been banned from seeing her children. It just goes on...