View Full Version : Businesses who use recycled waste to create products?

16-04-2009, 21:28
Does anyone know of any small or large businesses in Sheffield who buy/get given recycled waste and use it to create products to sell again? i.e. for fashion, contraptions, furniture, for anything?

17-04-2009, 08:26
come on, someone must know of someone or some people who make a business out of recycled stuff?

17-04-2009, 08:36
Not many in Sheffield but you can get a whole host of promotional products that use anything from paper, cardboard and plastic for pens to recycled phone covers.

Whats your interest in the subject?

You could try the Business help section.

17-04-2009, 10:29
I know it's getting pretty big in London and some people are doing really well out of it. Was really interested if anyone in Sheffield has gone down this path.
There's also lots of talk at the mo about where our recycled waste goes and it's good to know that some of it is actually doing some good and being recycled instead of ending up God knows where or in some landfill