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21-06-2008, 18:50
I noticed earlier on that my cats face looked a bit lop-sided and swollen. Had a feel at him, and he had a swelling under one side of his chin. Found a small puncture wound, and assumed he'd had a bit of a scuffle with another cat. Anyway, he didn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, but I started him on anti-biotics, and thought if there's no improvement over the weekend, I'll take him to the vets monday. Tablet number 1 wasn't much trouble, except he had a bit of a hissy fit. However, tablet number 2, he took great aversion to and as I'm trying to get it down his throat, I feel liquid all over my hand, and the said lump has burst. My god, there was so much crap came out of it, i felt sick :gag: As the puss subsided, it started bleeding as i would expect. The swelling has now gone right down, I've bathed it a couple of times since, with him wrapped in a towel, as he hates it! It's still bleeding slightly, but he still doesn't seem too bothered by it, just meowing to go out (I won't let him, as I'd rather be able to keep an eye on him) I was just wondering if there's anything else i should be doing?

21-06-2008, 19:33
Just keep bathing it with salt water, and make sure all the puss is out, he will feel loads better now its burst.

21-06-2008, 19:52
it will need to be kept open for a few days at least and probably could do with some antibiotics, Peak vets are open tomorrow so you could pop hom a long there

21-06-2008, 20:05
Yeah, I thought i might have a go with the salt water when hubby gets back tomorrow as I think I'll need 2 pairs of hands lol. I've already started him on broad spectrum anti-biotics, so hopefully he'll be ok. Anyway, I've told him he has to be ok for next saturday cos it's his and his brother's 1st birthday :partyhat::hihi:

21-06-2008, 20:54
lol thats good hun then

22-06-2008, 15:38
Having just had similar experience (Alfie the barmy bengal bit Beauty the not-quite as -barmy Bengal on the forehead and her face and nose swelled up big time- bathing with saline won't really clear it up but it will help til you can get to the vets- even if there's lots of disgusting yuck coming our of it, cats have such bacteria-ridden bites it takes antibiotics to really clear it up.

Beauty had a week's worth and 2 trips to the vets (55) and towards the end, a whole lot of pus came out (I almost passed out when we were bathing it- gross!)

Anyway, she is back on form now and keeps giving Alfie daggers looks so has obviously not forgiven him yet...

Curious how youve got antibiotics before going to the vets?

Oh tip for you- we broke open the capsules and mixed the powder in a very small quantity of good quality cat food or tuna - only a small amount so we could be certain she definitely ate the lot - she was was brill- fell for it every time

22-06-2008, 17:04
Oh, the joys of cat abscesses!!!

We had one, Murgy, who seemed to get one from the slightest scratch. The first time it ever happened, it was on his head and we dashed him to the vets in tears because we thought he had a brain tumour :loopy: (Well, we were relatively new cat owners at the time!)

But a course of antibiotics soon cleared it up, although bathing it in salt water after it burst was distinctly :gag:

After that, we kept a close eye on him so we could get him on antibiotics asap.

Mind you, knowing how to treat an abscess came in very handy when I managed to get one on my booby on a Bank Holiday weekend. It burst before the doctors re-opened, so I just kept bathing it. But the doctor's face was a picture when I informed that I knew I should bathe in in salt water because the vet had told me it was the best thing for an abscess :hihi:

22-06-2008, 17:05
Curious how youve got antibiotics before going to the vets?

I always keep anti-biotics in, "just in case" since 1 of the cats had a really bad cold and got rapidly worse within a couple of hours ;)

23-06-2008, 00:20
You can always have some on standby if you know where to get them from lol I always have antibiotics for the buns for the same reason.

23-06-2008, 09:40
Hope puss is feeling better now, Tinks is a little b for getting bites and scratches and has had a good few infected ones, like you said, keep it open, if it scabs over the infection lurks underneath. How do you tell a 14 year old cat that he is getting too old for this malarky, he came in yesterday evening with minor scratches to the nose and back of the neck, obviously had a tussle and then was crying to go back out and finish the job!!

23-06-2008, 09:47
I always have antibiotics for the buns for the same reason.

I keep baytril in for the buns too, and usually amoxycillin for the cats. It's sooooo much cheaper than going to the vets, when you know the signs that say they need anti-biotics :)

23-06-2008, 10:19
You can always have some on standby if you know where to get them from lol I always have antibiotics for the buns for the same reason.

OK, give us a clue - it would be SO NICE not to have to pay for a consultation and be ripped off for the cost of the tablets just once in a while...

23-06-2008, 13:54
I get my cat tabs (Noroclav)from here
They have exactly the same ingredients as some tabs the vet gave me when cat got a bad cold, so when next one caught it, I bought my own tablets ;) I can't remember where I got the baytril which is slightly worrying as i dont have much left. It could have been off ebay, cos I get ivermectin from someone on ebay

09-07-2008, 14:53
Hi guys

I found your thread by accident, but was a little worried by some of what I read, so just throught I should drop you all a line or two.

It is GREAT that you all care about your pets, and are obviously looking to do the best for them, but I just do need to warn you to be very very careful when buying medications for your pets (or yourself) online.

A lot of the places that sell these medications are not licensed, or monitored in any way. They do not always keep their drugs stored as they need to be (some have to be refrigerated to be effective/safe) and it is very possible that they could sell you out-of-date drugs, or ones that they have 'made' which do not contain the correct dosage for your animal. In addition, some species of animals (like rabbits and small rodents) are very sensitive to some drugs, and can have severe complications from being given the wrong types.

Also, it is very likely that if something should go wrong, and your pet gets overdosed or has an allergic reaction to the drug or any of its components, that you will have no legal rights to claim against whoever sold you that drug, and end up having to pay out some serious money to help your animal recover, if it can.

Saving a few pounds can be great, but unless you have spoken to your vet about your pet, and they have already told you what/how much of a drug you need it really isn't worth risking your pets health for. If you do have money concerns I am sure most vets would be willing to try and arrange some kind of payment plan with you to help reduce or spread out the cost.

If you do still want to risk ordering from online, please, please check your meds when you get them to check for any evidence of tampering to the container, that it is in date, and that it is the correct dosage you were told to give, and remember to keep a close eye on your animal for a couple of hours after giving the medication to monitor it for vomiting, swelling on the face or body, difficulty breathing, or general lethargy. If you see anything at all out of character for your pet contact your regular vet immediatly.

Good luck, and I hope all your animals get better.

09-07-2008, 16:51
Thanks for the advice, but I only give my animals the same dose as they have previously been given from the vets. The anti-biotics I got for the cat are in blister packs, so no tampering there, and i always check the sell by date. To be honest, it's not always about "saving a few pounds" it's about having immediate access to drugs, rather than having to get a suitable appointment at the vets. My cat got the abscess on a saturday evening when the vets were closed. By the time the vets re-opened, I had already given him 3 doses, and he was well on the road to recovery. It's all nicely cleared up now, and he seems to have forgiven me for wrapping him in the towel n shoving tablets down his throat :)