View Full Version : Pub on Dyson Place, Hunters Bar??

11-04-2005, 12:51
hi, i was just wondering whether anyone could tell me if there used to be a pub on Dyson Place (very small dead-end road off Sharrow Vale Road) many years ago. I was wandering up there the other day and found an old building with the bricks decaying, and noticed lamps on the side and a bracket for a pub sign.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.Thanks

11-04-2005, 13:10
Lived on nearby Ashford Rd. for years and our back garden used to end at Dyson Place but I never heard any of the old locals talk about a pub ever having been there.
In the old days , a lot of shops used to have signs outside . I suppose , before the 1880's a lot of people couldn't read and write , hence the need for signs. I think Ashford Rd. was built in about 1885 [?] but Dyson Place seemed older than the surrounding roads.
Good luck with your enquiries and let us know what you find out !

11-04-2005, 13:17
i live on Ashford Road now, and i can see the roof of that building from my back yard which is why i went to explore. Good idea about the old shop....either way i'd love to know the history. It looks so much older than the surrounding buildings.

11-04-2005, 21:02
According to my 1954 Kellys there used to be St Andrews Church Mission on Dyson Place. Could this be it? No mention of a pub.

12-04-2005, 10:17
oh i don't there a picture by any a chance?? it definately looks like a pub. was there a date to that? maybe it was a pub first??

12-04-2005, 20:59
Kellys directories just list the names of the householders of each house in each street in the city - needless to say there is no room for pictures.

It seems unlikely that the church mission hall would have been a converted pub but I suppose stranger things have happened!

Just had a look in one of my old Sheffield books and found that St Andrews church was built on "Sharrow Hill"in 1867/68 with "Handsome memorial windows". I may be totally wrong as I don't know that part of Sheffield too well but this is the only thing shown in my Kellys for Dyson Place which is not a private house.