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24-03-2005, 15:41
can everybody give me some ideas for a treasure hunt and some clever clues.

I am doing a tresure hunt for my 23 year old mates so its got to be tough...

cheers everyone happy easter.. x x x x

24-03-2005, 15:55
we had a bunch of 20 something yuppie ( are there even such things now LOL ) types in the shop the other month, saying they were doing some sort of course at uni and needed a skull and cross bones, we thought it was strange but showed them to the books with the tattoo flash in, they found one took a piccy and out they went
it was very strange and they were very giggly, i thought they probebly wernt doin a course more like a scavenger hunt thing.

im sure i just blahhdy blahh'd over the topic there sorry :| but i thought it might be useful ( not to come to ours for pics of skulls and cross bones just alsortsa things get used)

<< shuttin up now HONEST

24-03-2005, 15:56
and Happy easter to you too Curly :D

24-03-2005, 16:31
i need clues help me....

27-03-2005, 10:35
You could do a photgraphic hunt.
Take pics of well known landmarks and ask for the contestants to take a pic of something specific nearby.
They get a series of pics with list of shots to take of each site.
E.g. they are given a pic of the Hallamshire hospital and are asked to take a pic a shoe on a car outside the hospital with the hospital in the background.
E.g. a pic of sheff Utd south stand and they take a pic of a bare bum on a wall with the stand in the background.

27-03-2005, 14:47
Depends on where you are setting it up. If it is a walking one or a driving one.

You need to do the route yourself picking out things you can see along the way. Make some clues obvious some difficult, cryptic ones are good too.

Make them find things along the way to bring back, leaflet, newspaper, leaf, anything you can find easily along the route. If the go in pubs have to have card signed to say they had pint?or pick up something from landlord/staff (you will need to preorganise this)

Usually a good one is to count the postboxes/bus stops along the route. Put the list of things to collect/count on top of front pages.

Make it last 2 to 3 hrs but remember when you do it you know where the clues are, they will spend time finding them. And some do get waylaid if you send them into pubs.If driving finish at a pub for food you will have to book all this and let them have a menu without pub name on it, so they dont know where finishin but agree a time to be there by, so u may have to follow up stragglers and tell them where to go for food.

If you have teams do a timing of how long it takes in case you get a draw in answers to questions. Have a prize for winners.

Two tips i will give you is to do the route the night b4 or earlier in the day to check all your clues are still there, amazing how many disappear. And someone will always question at least 1 of your answers be firm.

Ive taken part in a few and set one for a charity event at local last year. Will let you all know if we do again this year, cos its a good laugh.

Enjoy it is the best i can say. If you want any further info pm me. Cnat give away all secrets on here.:D

hj dary
28-03-2005, 10:39
If your doing it in cars there are one or two thing to remeber.

1. there is some sort of legal limit to howmany cars you can run in convoy with out needing police attendance.
Im in the Sheffield group of Advanced Motorist and our group were planing a hunt but were warned that we could only have so many cars in the hunt (It was either six or twelve, I'm not sure).

If you want to check, just to keep you right ring the police on 2202020 and ask for the Traffic dept.

2. When your planing the event take care. I heard a tale about another hunt the group had ran were the people planing it had gone out in a very big 4x4 vehicle and put down things they had seen as a guide so no one got lost. When the hunters came along in their smaller cars they couldn't see over hedges and things like the planners could and people got lost!

As for clues I sugested last time doing clues based on Sheffield's historical landmarks and there are some hard to spot things out there. Get them round the old steel works in Attercliffe or see if they can find their way round Kelham Island.

One of the clues I've seen written down had me puzzled for weeks. It was asking about signs of the old tram system nearly at Elm Tree.
Now for an outsider like myself this was hard until I worked out that Elm tree was the old name for Manor top then I was driving up there one day and noticed there is one of the old tram poles left in the middle of the road up there.

I've seen a few more since then, there are some at Firth Park, one at Handsworth and one in Meadowhead......see if they can find them.

28-03-2005, 10:43
You could also add in timed tasks. For instance, have a crumpled map and ask them to fold it back into its original shape or roll it into a carboard tube. You could do that at different points of the rally.

Tip: Do not use as a clue something that can be removed by competitors - some will cheat.