View Full Version : Brit awards: kerry and brian fiasco

22-01-2005, 18:45
I'm interested to know peoples take on this from the point of view that my male friend completely disagrees with i being a typical girl?
Basically everyone knows about Brian Mcfadden leaving kerry Katona and now it's common knowldege he's hooked up with Delta Goodrem. So is it right that the Brit Award bosses have banned Ms. Katona from attending because Brian will be there with his new bit of fluff. Surely he should be the one hiding at home? Obviously it's engineered to create media hype for sad people like me to get their teeth into but I think that it is SO completely out of order! However my mate thinks it's fair enough seeing as the ex kitten may well try and get her claws into the angelic delta...but wouldn't this be more entertaining anyway??