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  1. Any Scrapbookers out there?
  2. The Great Cross Stitch Thread!!
  3. Recommended craft shops
  4. What Craft do you do?
  5. Welcome to the crafts group!!
  6. Cross stitching, what threads do you prefer?
  7. Any other spinners out there?
  8. Craft photos, post links here!
  9. Spinning and Crochet please read
  10. What crafts/art techniques are you interested in?
  11. How long do you spend crafting?
  12. Round Robins/cross stitch
  13. Crafts i do. cards and beading
  14. Did anybody go to the craft show this w/e?
  15. Does anyone have a fail proof method for French knots?
  16. Recommendations for craft podcasts.
  17. Craft Fairs - having a stall.
  18. The-craft-market stalls and dates
  19. Christmas deadline for project
  20. Quilling papers cost too much
  21. Death of Valerie Campbell-Harding
  22. Free Cross-stitching charts thread.
  23. Any soapmakers out there ?
  24. Outlet/event to sell my cards
  25. Stained Glass Terrarium
  26. Free patterns and instructions for all
  27. Lo Ran Big Board Magnietic holder for sale
  28. Beads Beads Beads...
  29. Painting a shop window - Help!
  30. Where to buy cheap cards?
  31. Children and crafting
  32. Anyone making their own christmas cards this year?
  33. Any groups out there?
  34. Where can I buy a heavy duty zip?
  35. Looking for clear glass perfectly spherical beads
  36. Anyone lace making that can help?
  37. Art galleries and exhibitions
  38. Is there a craft you have never done
  39. Turning small pieces of card into magnets
  40. First attempt with pastels
  41. Craft courses in Sheffield?
  42. Autumn and winter crafts for children?
  43. Anyone know where to find willow for lanterns?
  44. Glass painting Candle holders?
  45. Glass painting and other craft kits
  46. Please look out for this paper on your travels!
  47. The Enveloper pro,instructions
  48. Where can I get a finished tapestry re-shaped?
  49. Making your own bookmarks
  50. Places to sell handmade cards
  51. 'Merry Christmas' confetti - where to buy?
  52. Christmas decorations
  53. The work in progress thread
  54. Craft Projects completed!
  55. Anyone made their own wedding cards?
  56. 'merry christmas' crafts to all...
  57. Where can i get cheap sequins in sheffield
  58. Guys and dolls fashion???
  59. Hurray, craft for christmas!
  60. Ideas wanted for clay work
  61. Decoupage sheets free downloads
  62. Cross Stitching - Have you ever felt like branching out?
  63. Clock Mechanisms - where can I buy?
  64. Found a super site for patterns
  65. Advice for a craft newbie!!!
  66. Parchment Craft Classes
  67. G Mex Centre Manchester
  68. Binca - patterns wanted !!
  69. Does anyone make / draw / stitch anything for valentines day?
  70. Big Shot wanted
  71. Using the LOOPA
  72. Corsetry, anyone?
  73. Excellent embroidery company in rotherham
  74. Dolls Houses and Miniatures.
  75. Is coral naughty?
  76. My guitar..What do you think?
  77. Craftzine Article
  78. Uk Handmade Flickr Group
  79. Cheap beads and charms???
  80. Would like to learn felting
  81. Learning dressmaking
  82. Willow lantern making workshops
  83. Help wanted for valuation
  84. The whereabouts of Fabric kingdom
  85. Craft Club for Kids Saturday Afternoons
  86. Anyone making anything for easter?
  87. Help needed please
  88. Projects with instructions for those who want to start cardmaking
  89. Hi just trying to judge your opinion
  90. Flower arranging courses in sheffield
  91. Help! Posters onto Canvas...
  92. Cross stitch tablecloths
  93. Mothers Day...Do you make your cards?
  94. Craft stall in the market
  95. Soap making supplies
  96. Any good with wood?
  97. I want to paint my own canvas pictures. help?
  98. Any good crops in Sheffield
  99. Kids craft - Mosaic Pictures
  100. Morsbags say no to plastic bags!
  101. Poundland in Meadowhall
  102. Making lavendar bags etc
  103. Kids craft - Paper mache Hot air balloon
  104. Jewellery/beading group?
  105. Keep the kids busy (ideas)
  106. Cheap sewing machine?
  107. Yummy scented candles opinions please
  108. Anyone make their own jewellery, bags etc
  109. Sewing Machine Help - Darning / embroidery foot
  110. Making sun catchers
  111. Women's Art Group in Sheffield 4 !!!
  112. Magnetic jewellery clasp
  113. How do I re-cover a stool?
  114. Wanted: Model Magic
  115. Art/drawing classes- Woodseats/Meersbrook
  116. Cardboard going spare
  117. Any stitch n bitch craft groups in Sheffield?
  118. Yay I can start crafting again
  119. A couple of minor changes
  120. Any Basket weaving going on in Sheffield/South Yorkshire/Yorkshire?
  121. Embroidered sew on patches??
  122. Hello you crafty people :D
  123. I'm looking for a flower arranging course
  124. Patchwork quilt!
  125. Mural painter wanted for project
  126. Sewing machine repairs
  127. Calling all Crafty Women in Shiregreen and S5
  128. My latest project
  129. Urgent help wanted!
  130. Cakes for all occasions
  131. Does anybody know anything about gilding?
  132. Hi all just found this group its great
  133. Has anyone been to fired arts?
  134. Dad's pencil drawings
  135. Sheffield Quilt Show
  136. Crafting for a good cause
  137. Looking for crafty-minded people in S10
  138. 17 shades of green in cross-stitch picture!
  139. Craft storage fun
  140. How many cross stitchers do we have on here?
  141. What do you do with vellum
  142. Open Source Embroidery
  143. My hand made table is finished!
  144. What can you make from newspapers?
  145. Lizzie Kate Charts for Sale
  146. Interested in holding a jewellery party?
  147. Lacemaker new to S12
  148. Chocolate lolly moulds / sticks for sale
  149. How could I store quilling papers?
  150. Has anyone done Blackwork?