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  1. Can anyone recommend a Cattery?
  2. Boarding kennels?
  3. Pet shops
  4. Good dog walks with soft paths
  5. Good Dog Pubs (with food)
  6. Are there any poeple on here who know about tortoises? HELP!!
  7. Pond fish - any experts?
  8. Persian Cats - do you like them?
  9. Dog Walks in Sheffield, where is best ?
  10. Do you keep reptiles as pets ?
  11. Dog Training: Tricks & Fun classes
  12. Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) vet?
  13. Mobile dog grooming - Sheffield area
  14. MISSING CAT from Fairleigh area
  15. What dog is best (for non-shedding)?
  16. Need some advice about my puppy (diarrhoea)
  17. Boarding Kennels
  18. Pet Insurance - Advice Please
  19. Zebra finches care
  20. Which breeds of dog make good guard dogs?
  21. Good place to buy a hamster (merged threads)
  22. Sick canary - any advice
  23. Rabbit advice please (weeing on me)
  24. Help training dog! (dominance/aggression problem)
  25. My dog needs his booster...
  26. Welcome to the Sheffield Pet Owners Area !
  27. Show Us your Pictures...
  28. Recommend A good vets ? (merged - vet mega thread!)
  29. The big debate on dog breeding
  30. Lost or found an animal?
  31. Dog Training Classes (merged thread)
  32. Training my dog!he wont pee outside?
  33. Any German Shepherd Lovers on here
  34. Why dont we see Bulldogs anymore?
  35. Met my little girl's bf for first time
  36. Scaredy Cats!...
  37. We have dally rash
  38. Alsation Breeder
  39. Dog sitting service or kennels wanted
  40. Why do cats drink out of anything apart from their water bowl?
  41. Cats and drinking water - help needed
  42. Gecko's - where to buy
  43. Kennels/Boarding for RABBITS! (and other small animals)
  44. Dog trouble...(dog aggressive to new pup)
  45. Get your cat chipped for a 10
  46. What to feed a sick dog
  47. Does your pet have an ID tag or chip?
  48. Advice needed re dog pee on carpet
  49. Thinking of getting a new kitten. Some advice please?
  50. Why does my pet rabbit chase things?
  51. Why do dogs pretend to bury stuff ??
  52. What do you feed your dog and how many meals?
  53. Help please my westie's going bald
  54. Just thought id introduce you to our new arrivals!
  55. I am thinking of getting a
  56. The debate re. breeders vs rescues
  57. Does keeping a pet go against nature?
  58. Zebra Finches - do they really sleep in nests?
  59. Kennels are a bit dodgy.
  60. Has anyone else got a pet rat (skin complaint)
  61. Moving to Sheffield with a bunny!
  62. Pet Trade Warehouse wanted
  63. Are there any fishkeepers on here? (red tiger oscars for adoption)
  64. (General) Advice re house rabbits
  65. How old is a staffy before fully grown
  66. Guinea pig claws
  67. Loving Home Wanted for my precious cat
  68. Is my rabbit pregnant?
  69. Who keeps reptiles as pets?
  70. Someone feeding my kittie?
  71. Cattery needed - any suggestion?
  72. How does your pet stay cool in the hot weather?
  73. Vets4pets - Ecclesall Road/Millhouses
  74. Jollyes Pet Superstore
  75. Advice on puppies
  76. Advice about dog "weeing"
  77. Baby Kittens Been Born :-)
  78. I'm a new mummy!!!
  79. Reptile Stores in/near sheffield?
  80. Nuisance cat spraying in our house
  81. Can you take dogs on Cleethorpes Beach?
  82. My 1 year old male cat doesn't like my new kitten. What do I do??
  83. How old are kittens supposed to be before getting done?
  84. Dogs and swimming
  85. Is this dog (rottweiler) good for my image?
  86. How to persuade me cat in!
  87. Good Cattery in Sheffield...
  88. Tropical Fish Forumers
  89. I really really want a pet but not sure what to get
  90. Horse owners in sheffield
  91. Pet insurance - who do you recommend?
  92. HELP!! RE: Aquarium.
  93. Thinkin of gettin ferrets
  94. (Cats) Hunting problem
  95. Cat owners- in or out at night.
  96. Advice please over pup's diarrhoea
  97. MY dog thinks he is a bird
  98. My degu has died and the other one is lonely
  99. Whats wrong with my woofer??
  100. I need your help fish people!
  101. Advice on pregnant rabbits
  102. Cat Missing? am I overeacting?
  103. Any other sled-dog owners in the area?
  104. Having trouble with commands.
  105. Ways to stop Rabbits from chewing wooden furniture
  106. Where to buy ferrets? ...
  107. Anybody here have a rat?
  108. Baby eight week ferrets
  109. Eight week old ferrets
  110. Introducing new family members
  111. Small animal boarding available
  112. My spotty montage (pics of dalmatians)
  113. Baby gerbils ready in 2 weeks
  114. My beautiful baby cat has been run over.
  115. Oh rats! advice please
  116. Please help me with my bully puppy problem
  117. Real Chocolate And Pets
  118. Dog Agility course
  119. Muzzles - advice please
  120. My pet lizard!!!!
  121. Who likes this cat?
  122. A Warning Message (potential dog thefts)
  123. Kipper gets a brass plaque
  124. My wonderful, beautiful darling Harrycat has died
  125. Help in training our cat out of using a litter tray please
  126. Does anyone know how to stop cats fighting ?
  127. Advice on house cats
  128. Names wanted for little kitten
  129. Sick to death of my dog.
  130. Charity Dog Show (12.30 Sun 3Sep06, Ecclesfield Park)
  131. Is it possible to keep a pet rabbit if you don't have a lawn - advice wanted please!
  132. Cat peeing behind the tv.
  133. Help with cat that seems to have adopted us!
  134. Cats need to play and chill out - Cat Park
  135. Flea Treatment Mega Thread! (Merged Threads)
  136. Local rescue group & web site RAIN RESCUE
  137. Should cats be vaccinated?
  138. Butters... an update...
  139. Introducing Tilly Trouble!
  140. Animal sales at Pets at Home
  141. Three legged dog
  142. Border Terrier Breeder
  143. Where can i find Rabbit Breeders?
  144. Can I have a dog with my cats? - decision made pic enclosed.
  145. Hoping to adopt a dog from the council pound, question?
  146. To Vaccinate... or not?
  147. Advice on possible pregnant rabbits
  148. Tropical Fish Advice
  149. My kitten snores and kicks his leg when sleeping - how cute is your pet?
  150. If you could have ANY pet in the world what would you have?