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  1. Cooking Tips
  2. Sheffield cheese
  3. Where to buy kosher food in Sheffield?
  4. Is Sasparilla or Sarsaparilla still brewed or sold in Sheffield?
  5. Recipes for slow cookers?
  6. Best way to cook rabbit?
  7. Onion Loaf @ Damons, Crystal Peaks
  8. Spice related crisis
  9. Where are the Chinese supermarkets in Sheffield?
  10. What is your favourite brand of Sausage?
  11. New ice cream made in Sheffield
  12. Polish Speciality shops in Sheffield?-Polski Sklep!
  13. Recipes For Rabbit Stew
  14. Where can I buy Indian spices in Sheffield?
  15. Locally produced food
  16. Multi cooker(master bake)
  17. Traditional Yorkshire food
  18. Advice on making Risotto
  19. Instructions for cookworks breadmaker
  20. Recipe for a good proper home made curry
  21. Demand for home produced free range chickens?
  22. Where can I buy baby aubergines?
  23. The cakes and baking megathread
  24. Welcome to the food group
  25. Low cal tasty food ideas
  26. Where to buy Padron peppers?
  27. Choc chip cookies
  28. Yorkshire parkin
  29. Am looking for a recipe for banilof pie
  30. Mushroom risotto
  31. Whats your favourite thing to cook/bake?
  32. Oooh didn't see this!
  33. Pubs that are really trying
  34. Help! Lamb hotpot in a slow cooker?!
  35. Where can I buy green Tabasco
  36. Spanish Omelettes. Where am I going wrong?
  37. Post your pics!!
  38. Slow cooker recipes
  39. Vegetarian Dishes
  40. Introducing The Brew Company
  41. Quirky local food festivals
  42. Thunder thighs,Just look
  43. Struggling to cook on an electric hob
  44. What's the best stock to use?
  45. Where can I get my chicken breasts after Roneys?
  46. What meals do you put beans in?
  47. Non-lactose desserts?
  48. Easy meatballs-yummy!
  49. Making prawn mayo
  50. Anyone got a recipe for bread i n a bread maker
  51. The Secret To A Great Dinner Party
  52. What is your favourite type of bread?
  53. Garlic Mushrooms
  54. What can I make for tea?
  55. Quality Products - Recommendations
  56. Pudding steamer - help
  57. How do you make your gravy?
  58. How far would you go...
  59. I need a new food processor
  60. Pot Luck - any ideas?
  61. Blind tasting chooses battery over organic chicken
  62. Which hob do I get
  63. Have you gone back to cheap chicken?
  64. Where to buy wine?
  65. Pizza dough without
  66. Free-range eggs from small farms
  67. Supermarkets: What are they good for?
  68. Disposable cake box?
  69. How To Make A Good Omelette.
  70. How repetitive are your meals?
  71. What do you cook on a BBQ?
  72. Does this section make you hungry?
  73. Home made pasta
  74. Camping / caravanning meals?
  75. Whats for tea??
  76. Where is the best place to buy a spice rack?
  77. Is Sheffield Foodies going on Search Results?
  78. Restaurants you recommend
  79. Your favourite recipe (savoury)
  80. Shelf life of free range eggs?
  81. The best tasting tomato?
  82. What is your favourite oriental dish?
  83. The quick link find a recipe megathread
  84. The oriental, thai and japanese food megathread
  85. The beef and lamb megathread
  86. The chicken, poultry and gamebird megathread
  87. What do you buy in those Chinese supermarkets?
  88. Budget recipe thread
  89. Kids will love this one...
  90. Is there such thing as a tomato substitute?
  91. I'm a useless cook...
  92. I just made some ginger beer...
  93. How do you make proper authentic pilau rice?
  94. Ideas wanted for new sausage style. Pork and apple is so last year.
  95. Rhubarb compote
  96. Cornish Pasties to become "appellation controlee"?
  97. What shall I make???
  98. Help ... courgette receipes needed
  99. Butane Gas BBQ refills - best / cheapest?
  100. Any nice recipes for chorizo's & salami's?
  101. The vegetarian megathread
  102. Baking / Pastry Courses in Sheff?
  103. Are bread making machines any good?
  104. The Christmas 2008 food megathread
  105. Where can I buy scotch bonnet
  106. I need a fabulous moussaka recipe
  107. What can i make with lamb mince?
  108. Jamie Olivers family feed for a fiver..
  109. Amaretto ice-cream, where to buy?
  110. Reggae reggae sauce help needed
  111. How much food do you throw away?
  112. Dinner party club
  113. Are fresh ingredients always best?
  114. The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop's secret recipe
  115. Whats in your picnic hamper?
  116. We've just bought an ice-cream maker!
  117. Your Sunday Dinner ?
  118. Easy chocolate fudge
  119. KFC is it the best?
  120. Simple cooking recipe ideas?
  121. Food on the television
  122. I'm doing slimming world
  123. Where can i find this ingredient??
  124. Tea flowers - anyone had them?
  125. Provolone cheese
  126. Inspiration needed
  127. Anyone tried a electric wok
  128. Microwaved choc and banana fudge
  129. Question re spinach curry
  130. What shall i do with this pork?
  131. Recipe for homemade biscuits
  132. Fudgy choc brownie recipe?
  133. Low fat / cal alternatives to naan bread.
  134. Plain Chow Mein
  135. Where can I buy authentic ingredients for a curry?
  136. Indian Pickle tray - Onion Recipe needed
  137. Fudge recipes..
  138. Authentic Tandoori Chicken
  139. Easy Meals To Cook
  140. What to do with royal jelly??
  141. How to make the perfect mashed potato?
  142. Recipe for Malteaser Cake.
  143. How to make a proper curry? (saag and madras)
  144. Chocolate truffles
  145. Castle market-great for veg
  146. Why can't I make an omelette?
  147. Where is good for blackberries in Sheffield?
  148. Ideas ... what pudding to follow Indian food ?
  149. First anniversary meal
  150. Things to do with quail eggs