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New forum & current issues/bugs

This announcement is no longer active


Firstly, a big 'thank you' for your patience over the last 24 hours. This is was a major change of software for us and our first change in well over a decade. With over 8 million posts and nearly 200,000 users, it was a time and labour intensive process.


To learn about some of the new features of the software, including how to view new posts, posts you've started, etc - watch this https://vimeo.com/288341198


We're still aware of these main issues: 


  • The old help desk is now a "Support Request".
    Please click the "Support" tab and then "New Request" if you are logged in to the forum, if you are not logged in please click "Support" and then "Contact Us" to open a new support request
  • The business directory is currently unavailable.
  • The classifieds area is not working as it was before - we will be launching a brand new, much improved, classifieds section in the coming weeks.
  • There are some styling issues on how the forum appears on mobile and tablet devices that need tweaking further.
  • Some users who volunteered to help run certain sub-forums, or groups, may not have sufficient rights at present.
  • Users are finding lots of messages in their inboxes going back many years. A lot of these are actually PMs you had sent. We're investigating it further.


We know that no-one likes change and it can be overwhelming. We have left this as long as we could, but ultimately with the old software no longer being actively developed and supported. The old site didn't work well on mobiles and tablets and these now represent the majority of the ways people view websites. For these reasons,  we felt that we had no choice, for our long term future, than to bite the bullet and change. Check out the video above and we'll produce more guides, as well as new features like a classifieds area, in due course.


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