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Where sells cheap ink cartridges for photo printers?

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30-12-2010, 21:01   #1
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wheres the cheapest place to buy ink cartridges for my photo printer?
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30-12-2010, 21:10   #2
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depends on your printer
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30-12-2010, 21:16   #3
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Refills are often/usually OK. Ask Cartridge World?
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30-12-2010, 21:22   #4
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with ink cartridges, you get what you pay for. Don't expect quality prints from cheap ink. One of my printers has 8 ink cartidges, £50 or so each. I flirted with cheap only once!
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30-12-2010, 21:24   #5
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I use Ink Express on London Road. Just above the Cremone and Mind shop next door to a cafe. Opens about 10am but gives you a full refill to the brim.
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30-12-2010, 21:26   #6
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I use Cartridge World for laser cartridges

Heard good things about their inkjet refills but ended up wasting money, the colours were way off

I'm trying out Staples branded ones in my "best" printrr but not had any good photos to print recently to try them out, though to be honest, I'm not hopeful.
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30-12-2010, 21:28   #7
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every single time i use a cheap replacement ink it buggers my printer up, its a false economy, the cheap inks either clog your heads up or run out in a quarter of the time the origionals do. I'll never buy cheap ones again, think im going to get a kodak printer they have the cheapest origional ink out there
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30-12-2010, 21:39   #8
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ive never had any trouble at all with cheap cartridges.

alladins cave do good cheap ones.

if you let me know the make and model ive got a price list here , will tell you how much they are

but to really save money look for refillable cartridges off e-bay for your printer.

a 4 set for my epsom cost £9 plus £5 for the ink bottles , best money ive ever spent , and takes about 2 mins to re-fill all the bottles
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30-12-2010, 22:06   #9
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Choice stationary online. Usually get a mix of 10 the three colours and black for less than £20 for our Epson
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30-12-2010, 22:18   #10
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Originally Posted by SpecialPG View Post
every single time i use a cheap replacement ink it buggers my printer up, its a false economy, the cheap inks either clog your heads up or run out in a quarter of the time the origionals do. I'll never buy cheap ones again, think im going to get a kodak printer they have the cheapest origional ink out there
Got to agree, genuine Epson every time.
Sick of buying a new printer everytime a non genuine cartridge buggers the damn thing up.
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30-12-2010, 23:46   #11
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Depends on your printer if it`s a epson then ebay is the best place look for a good ink seller with a good rep, i have used one on there for years rwtoners and buy inks for my epson r285 and my daughters sx115 and there spot on.

yes there are some crap inks about but having used epson printers since they started making inkjets and i have always used non genuine inks and have never had any issues with them, but then again having worked with computers since zx81 i know what to look our for an which brands to dodge, but general speaking i buy from ebay as it works out cheaper than what i pay at trade prices from my hardware supplier.
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30-12-2010, 23:50   #12
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Have stopped using cheap for my HP. Now just google the part numbers and hit the "shopping" key. Having said that popped into my local Ryman shop and they were doing a special so stocked up from there.
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30-12-2010, 23:58   #13
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I have a friend who does stuff on ebay. It's not cheap ink but he does 5 sets for £20. I use it in my HP and Epson printers and it works a treat.

search for nandjinkjet hes on MSN all the time and is very very good
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31-12-2010, 07:36   #14
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31-12-2010, 14:10   #15
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£ 1-50 time charlies computer shop market place woodhouse tel 2889999 or computor repaires same place
I have epson 8400 never have any trouble in two years
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31-12-2010, 15:17   #16
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ebay cheap for ink
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31-12-2010, 18:16   #17
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On-line from Inkcycle. £2.78. OK so far.
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31-12-2010, 18:31   #18
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I bought "compatible" ink cartridges for my Epson once...never again...just complete rubbish,didn't last 5 mins,i only buy genuine sealed Epson now as they do seem to last for ages.....i buy from Amazon as they usually have the cheapest deals
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06-01-2011, 22:10   #19
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aladins cave middlewood road
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06-01-2011, 22:26   #20
Becky B
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I've just got some from Stinkyink, haven't tried them yet (they only came today) but the service was good!

My dad swears by his refillable cartridges.

I've never really had problems with cheaper inks, but I don't use the printer that much. It would cost over £100 to get all genuine brand cartridges, so cheap one are all it's getting!!
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