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29-06-2016, 18:41   #1
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Hiya, Just wondering in the light of some of my posts having been removed, would it be possible to use a script that notifies the poster of the post that has been removed (no need for an explanation or anything, just a simple PM stating - your post has been removed) That way I can learn what is and what isn't tolerable, seems a win/win?
29-06-2016, 19:10   #2
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We used to have one of these for threads rather than posts, and it had a side effect that added enormously to the workload and number of problem PMs received by the moderating team.

The problem is that a script to inform people that a thread has been removed tells people about 5 year old threads that the users had completely forgotten about as much as current threads, and there are plenty of users who take every removal as a personal affront. This led to the moderating team (including those who had nothing at all to do with the threads being removed) receiving multiple bad tempered challenges and demands to justify removal from forum users by PM.

If that was the case with threads, you could multiply that by 100 if we had to notify people of every post removed. As it is, we have at least one Helpdesk ticket every day from a user demanding a detailed and specific reason why a post has been removed, along with an explanation of which rule has been broken with the post. Can you imagine how much work it would create if they were notified every time an old post was removed?

Sorry, but while people take umbrage so severely for each post removal, it's just not tenable to have such a tool.

I'm going to close this because it's not something we're going to discuss. We've already had this discussion and decided against it.
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