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Internal Garage Conversion advice on what first

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10-01-2017, 19:01   #1
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I searched for this but every thread is really old so just in case rules have changed, I was wondering what steps are required to get a garage conversion done.

Its a 4 bed house with internal garage. size is approx. 2.5m wide by 5m long. I am looking to convert the front half into an office and keep the back half as storage (currently that's where the boiler is) so I think that way round makes more sense. Garage door to be replaced with brick and new windows.

Should I contact builders and let them handle everything or should I do some things myself (contacting council for building regs etc) to save some ? im not sure if builders will charge extra to organise these bits. As far as im aware no planning permission is required and a simple layout wont need complicated plans drawing up?

I'm quite capable of making some phones calls , drawing out a simple plan to scale and organising materials etc if it will save me a decent amount of cash.

Likewise I don't mind spending a bit more if at the end of the day its much easier to hand it all over to the builder to sort out.

advice from anyone who's recently done it or from a builder who has done similar jobs relatively recently would be great?

by all means pm me if its easier.

thanks all
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10-01-2017, 22:13   #2
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Have you checked for any covenants or loss of permitted development restricting you from converting the garage?

I thought there were restrictions these days on some newer properties, since the loss of the garage would in essence reduce your available parking.
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11-01-2017, 10:29   #3
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yes all checked, atleast three other houses on the road have already converted theirs as well.

i think some new houses do have limits set when they were built but our house is abit older and we have a drive for 3 cars so no issues with parking.
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11-01-2017, 16:09   #4
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Hello Ted,
Speak to a few builders 1st. Some have excellent relations with the Council BC & Independent BC inspectors. Equally, they can advise on your requirements and possibly minimise you anticipated costs
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