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22-07-2016, 13:33   #121
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I have just rented a flat in S11. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cleaner prior to me moving in?
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01-09-2016, 10:50   #122
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Has anyone used Mollymaid or dailypopins? They have given us very different quotes.
I would much prefer an individual than a company but don't know anyone ho has a cleaner.
Any recommendations for Crookes?

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Squeakyclean thanks for your PM. I'd like to reply to you in PM but it won't let me as I have not posted enough. Please would you PM me your phone number or email address so I can contact you?
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27-09-2016, 13:26   #123
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I live in Hillsborough and I'm looking for a cleaner to come in every fortnight to clean my bathroom and kitchen oven. I'm really busy at the moment so have very little spare time to do this! Looking for them to come in firstly some time this week.

Could anyone recommend anyone good they know in S6/Hillsborough?

Kind regards,
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28-09-2016, 11:15   #124
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Hey, i was after a bit of advice to see if anyone in my area knew of any good domestic cleaners? I live just between Fox Hill Road and Lyminster road. In a three bedroomed house. Just after general recommendations and prices. Happy to provide more detail if required.

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14-10-2016, 17:13   #125
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Has anyone used Hassle.Com to book cleaners? I like the fact you can do it online, but the three month tie-in puts me off.
Football against the enemy.
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15-10-2016, 18:40   #126
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We are looking for recommendations in S8 for a reliable and - most importantly - a thorough and conscientious cleaner. Our preference is for an individual rather than a company. Thank you in advance.
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02-11-2016, 17:31   #127
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Hi all,

Any recommendations for a cleaner who will come to a house in S6 for a couple of hours every week?

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09-03-2017, 14:24   #128
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Can anyone recommend a reliable domestic cleaning service that covers the S9 area? I have been let down by 3 different firms.
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01-05-2017, 19:21   #129
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Hi there,

I'm looking for someone to do 2.5 hours of cleaning and ironing a week in Crookes. Days/times are flexible. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks in advance!
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19-05-2017, 17:29   #130
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Need a one off cleaner for one bedroom flat 2.30-3 hours, any recs?
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09-06-2017, 10:33   #131
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We're looking for a cleaner for Middlewood/Wadsley Park Village. 4 bed town house (but only 1 actually used as a bedroom).

Looking for fortnightly.
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