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Avoiding foods containing high cholesterol PALM oil.

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12-03-2016, 14:27   #1
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Over a period of time while food shopping, I’ve noticed an ever increasing number of food items containing palm oil. Palm oil is one of the few vegetable oils that is high in cholesterol.
First we had to be on our guard for the dreaded trans-fats (often disguised on food labels as hydrogenated vegetable oil or vegetable shortening to name just two of the attempts at disguises). In an attempt to avoid unfavourable labelling, food manufacturers are using cheap unhealthy palm oil as the alternative ingredient

Some saturated fats appear more likely than others to cause cholesterol build up in arteries. Palmitic acid, which is the main fat in palm kernel oil, is one such fat.

I first noticed Palm oil in breakfast cereals from Jordans-the so called health food producer. Now it is being added to many food item, especially items from the budgets supermarkets. Read the label and make an informed decision on what you purchase. As usual food manufacturers care about profits not your health & wellbeing.
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12-03-2016, 16:56   #2
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I've been following a LCHF diet since November which has been including coconut oil, gee, butter, olive oil double cream and Palm oil. I avoid processed food and starchy carbs, pasta, potatoes, bread, rice, wheat etc.
Overal for my diabetes its beneficial Hba1C is down from 52 to 41. So I'm now in the non diabetic range.

I've seen 2 consultants, and diabetic and rheumatology specialist nurses this month, all of which agree that the high fats and low carb approach is working for me, I think people react differently to food groups, the starchy carbs the NHS recommended were slowly killing me, weight gain and extra medication, bread and rice both have a higher GI rating than table sugar, but that is deemed OK by health care professionals.

Blood results this month were.

HDL cholesterol ratio 3.8
HDL is 1.12
triglyceride 1.3
Also 20kg weight loss since November.
All of which have been a massive improvement, some people are better suited to high fat rather than starchy carbs which are nothing but empty calories.

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15-03-2016, 13:40   #3
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The main issue is not that palm oil is bad for you but more that (over) refined palm oil is bad for you. Sadly, the latter is commonly used in the processed food that you will buy in supermarkets whereas red palm oil is quite an healthy option to cook with.

Same goes for starchy carbs, if you go for processed ones they are bad for you but otherwise there is nothing wrong with eating them.

To simplify, stay away from processed food and especially if they claim to be healthy.
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20-03-2016, 19:35   #4
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I looked at our cereal and cereal bars after reading this post and none of ours have palm oil in them.

We cook virtually all our food from scratch. I'm not fond of the smell or taste of most processed foods. We do have the odd takeaway or the odd M&S dine in meal but generally I find processed food tastes odd if you are used to food made from scratch. I can't say I'm keen on the texture of processed food either.

It doesn't have to take ages to cook a meal if you are used to preparing food. It took just over fifteen minutes to make mushroom soup from scratch today. Onion, mushrooms, semi skimmed milk and parsley cooked in an ounce of butter (between two people) and thickened with an ounce of flour.
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20-03-2016, 20:34   #5
Lex Luthor
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I've noticed that many chocolate brands now have palm oil listed on their ingredients. I don't like the idea of this. Does it mean inferior quality? What did chocolatiers use before palm oil?
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29-01-2017, 08:46   #6
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Originally Posted by Lex Luthor View Post
I've noticed that many chocolate brands now have palm oil listed on their ingredients. I don't like the idea of this. Does it mean inferior quality? What did chocolatiers use before palm oil?
Palm oil is used in chocolate because it is cheaper than adding more cocoa butter. I tend to look out for it now, and avoid brands which use it (not easy) I think it makes the chocolate taste greasy. The more expensive brands don't use it, and some supermarkets don't in their special own brand chocolate.
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21-04-2017, 12:17   #7
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We boycott all products with palm oil in in my family, and it's reducing the number of products we can buy very quickly as it's in everything processed nowadays . Finding cholcolate without it is very hard. Bounty seems to be the only one I could find yesterday :/

We don't boycott palm oil for the health issues though but because the destruction of the rain forest needed to plant palm oil trees is causing the slow but inevitable extinction of the Orang Utans
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