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Which survey? Homebuyers or full buildings?

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02-05-2012, 17:49   #21
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I would have the full survey, due to the value of the purchase. You seem to have alot of experience and a good team, but for the difference in price on the HB anf full, is pennies compared to the purchase price.

I think it's better to be in the know. TBH not sure what additional info it would give you though.

Good luck with your venture
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02-05-2012, 20:49   #22
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Originally Posted by SamMT View Post
Ps To answer Spider's questions, our builder has been, I am the wife, and it is over the price you mention so there is quite a lot at stake!
HI why do you want to pay people for some thing that you already know . probably upwards of 2ooo by the time they have all finished with you .If you have a good builder why not ask him if it requires a full survey and then all the surveys they will recomend on top Structural. Plumbing .Electrical .etc. If he says yes then take his advice. He is the one looking at the job and if he is a good builder he will know what is needed. At the end of the day you must have complete trust in the builder and take his advice on most things as work progreses / Hope you have checked builder out seen his previous jobs etc and talked to people he has done work for . Good luck with your venture but with the right builder on the job its all pretty staight forward and you will have mooved in before you know it. I think a structural report would put your mind at rest. Your builder will have his own contacts for these people and it may benefit you to use his architect to advice you if you are moving walls and kitchens around they have a minds eye for seeing finished job.

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03-05-2012, 13:01   #23
Jeffrey Shaw
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Many builders are perfectly honest and will give a dispassionate view on the need for works at the house.
But not all are- hence my preferred option of an independent Chartered Surveyor (with professional indemnity insurance backing!)
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04-05-2012, 22:25   #24
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Thanks folks. Structural engineer booked to do full buildings survey next week. Fingers crossed
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