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23-12-2011, 16:39
hello everyone

my name is trevor and i'm a Kiveton blade, i'm a new member on the forum and just wanted to introduce myself to you all.

I run a local Blades supporters club who run transport to all Blades away games so should you be interested then message me.

Myself and a group of friends are in the process of brainstorming a new fanzine for sheffield football which would be dependant on sportsorship, advertisement and interest. We are looking for sheffield football fans who attend home and away games to report on them for us again message me for more information.

I am a regular on the Blades mad forums but new to here and look forward to meeting you all. Thank You Trevor

23-12-2011, 16:53
Hi and welcome to the forum ………. I went to Wales high school many moons ago and I guess that’s where I became a Blades fan ( early 70`s) prior to secondary school I had only been to the odd Rotherham game time for this I think. ( :hihi:

Robbie Loving
23-12-2011, 16:55
Welcome to the Forum...

23-12-2011, 17:18
Ill be the first owl to welcome you .