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  1. Anyone into knitting boas ?
  2. Interested in groovy knitting group?!
  3. Stitch n' bitch
  4. Welcome to the Sheffield Knitting Group!
  5. Knitting is the New Yoga
  6. Aluminium or Bamboo??
  7. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  8. Who we are, local knitting meets, yarn sellers and other useful links.
  9. Which Colour Should I Choose?
  10. Knitting for complete beginners?
  11. I want to knit a house
  12. Book Recommendations
  13. Knitted Bikini
  14. You Knit what?
  15. Sheffield yarn shops?
  16. Sock Knitting and Pattern Suggestions.
  17. Get paid for Knitting by wool companies
  18. Knitting For Beginners: A Knit-along?
  19. Pics of what we're working on and finished projects
  20. Help me locate patterns for a classic doll
  21. 'Recommended Knitting & Crochet Links' sticky thread has been updated
  22. New Debbie Stoller book
  23. Shameless bit of plugging...
  24. Hecate's Guide to Knitting Socks on Double-Pointed Needles
  25. Sock help...heel shaping:-o
  26. Knitting Party (Friday 31/03/06 12-2pm)
  27. Man Enough to Knit; Strong Enough to Purl...
  28. Sell your knitted socks.
  29. New Issue of MagKnits Out April 1st
  30. Sheffield Knitting: Local Groups
  31. Stitch 'n' Bitch Bitchiness...
  32. Vogue Knit Simple Magazine
  33. Interweave Crochet Out Now
  34. Kitchener Stitch
  35. Good knitting post day:D
  36. The Mathematics of Crochet... Or The Crochet of Mathematics?
  37. New Knitty Online Now!
  38. Knitting Miniature Dolls
  39. Spring '06 Edition of 'Vogue Knitting' Out Now.
  40. Knitting Inflicted on an Unsuspecting Cat
  41. Freeform Knitting and Crochet
  42. Recommended Crochet Links Thread Has Been Updated
  43. Knitting Dog Coats/Jumpers
  44. How to Crochet with Beads.
  45. Ive just bought...
  46. Self patterning sock yarn - grumble:(
  47. Wool shops or lack of them
  48. Knitting Gauge/Tension Question
  49. Question About Cotton Yarns
  50. Knitting Instructions For Left-Handers
  51. Drooling Over Knitty Goodness... An American Knitting Shop
  52. Knitting and Crochet as Art
  53. Is this a New Magknits?
  54. Woo Hoo Im done:D
  55. What's Your Worst Knitting Mistake?
  56. A Useful Article on Blocking
  57. World Wide Knit in Public Day.
  58. What is the best beginners pattern for socks??
  59. Podcasts for Knitters
  60. Knitting for psychos
  61. Noro special offer
  62. Another special offer:D
  63. Joining balls of wool
  64. How to Post Your Photographs - Updated
  65. Useful sockmaking chart?
  66. Are These the Most Disturbing Knitted Things Ever?
  67. Elfine socks...
  68. Free knitting lessons
  69. Beautiful Glass Knitting Needles
  70. 'Interweave Knits' Summer '06 Out Now
  71. New York Times Article: Knitting in the Dark
  72. What can I do with this?
  73. Why do people still knit socks?
  74. Knitting on BB?
  75. Cotton socks???
  76. Cascade 220 Yarn
  77. Magic loop socks
  78. Artyarns Supermerino
  79. The Lorna's Laces Yarn Has Arrived!
  80. Any one want a Tailors dummy
  81. Casting Off the Last Stitch
  82. The Sheffield Knitting Group is Famous!
  83. What Kind of Knitter Are You?
  84. Looking for Clothing
  85. Such Lovely, Lovely Yarn...
  86. A Knitting Two Socks on Circular Needles Tutorial.
  87. More Knitting Quizzes.
  88. A Newly-Discovered Online Shop: Posh Yarn
  89. New Magknits Out Today
  90. Bamboo Knitting Needles
  91. How to transform a skein to a ball?
  92. Blogs: Have You Ever Thought About Having One?
  93. Inexpensive and easy sock blockers!
  94. Cast on help for circular knitting
  95. Anyone been given the 'you do knitting' look?
  96. Bat wing jumper pattern
  97. So, did anyone knit in public on Saturday?
  98. Which Knitting Magazines Do You Buy?
  99. What to knit for the very first time?
  100. De-stashing: Yarn For Sale.
  101. LisaH, Clear Your PM Box!
  102. The knitted village
  103. Any local spinners?
  104. Spare wool needed
  105. Knitting patterns free to a good home
  106. Addi Turbo Circular Needles
  107. How to pick up stitches
  108. Easy Beginners videos
  109. Washing knitting
  110. Not impressed with my new circular needle
  111. The Case of the Exploding Knitting Needle
  112. Haberdashery/Fabric shop in Town?
  113. Stretchy cast off for toe up socks
  114. K1, p1, k1 - 3 out of 1?
  115. Two baby cardis needed please, anyone want to do it?
  116. Dragon socks - mmmmmmm
  117. Hobbycraft trip
  118. Sock book recommendation?
  119. Spot the odd one out...
  120. Cast-on Podcast
  121. Casting On for Beginners.
  122. Julys Magknits is out
  123. Hello I'm new to this
  124. Blackberry Baby Hats
  125. Free Mittens Pattern
  126. Hello, I'm new. Introducing myself
  127. New to knitting - a few questions
  128. Woolly Workshop rave
  129. New Knitty is up
  130. Knitting goalie
  131. New Episode of Cast-On
  132. Born again knitter - you're frightening the living daylights out of me!
  133. Joining edgings on my blanket
  134. You'll be pleased to know that...
  135. Replacement for the berry hat
  136. Beading and knitting
  137. For Rooty: Sock questions.
  138. Hi, I'm back from my hols!!
  139. Simple Baby Cardigan Pattern
  140. The Baby's arrived!
  141. New Knitting Magazine?
  142. Wool balls with knots
  143. Hello! (and Simply Knitting)
  144. Clapotis and More!
  145. Knitting Group people: Do you have a blog?
  146. Finished my first project
  147. Lorna's Lace's Lion and Lamb
  148. What do you think of this?
  149. Have you got favourite needles?
  150. Fame at last - A letter in 'Simply Knitting'!