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  1. Ad free Sheffield Forum
  2. Anyone interested in a winemaking group on here?
  3. Reinstate the standard ordering of threads in For Sale etc.
  4. New sub-forum for rehoming animals
  5. [Done] Enable forum RSS feeds
  6. How about a pop up to warn you that your PM space is nearly full?
  7. [Done] Duplicate the forum paging at the top of a page
  8. Charity events forum
  9. Gaming & consoles sub-forum?
  10. [Not actioned] How about a holiday section
  11. X (adult) rated area for the forum?
  12. Mac only section in Computer & Tech Chat
  13. [In Prog] Free advertising for community groups
  14. How about some new forum styles
  15. More storage space for private messages
  16. Faster turn around on special interest groups
  17. Holiday homes/caravans to let section?
  18. [Done] How about starting up a swap [and free] forum
  19. [Done] Make the search facility bring back usable results
  20. Signature picture
  21. [Done] For sale section for cars and bikes
  22. Forum for religious related threads
  23. Sales feedback section
  24. [Done] Ignore button to block those annoying people
  25. Facility to commend individual posts?
  26. [Done] Discount links from signature length limit
  27. Add Forum Drop Down
  28. Enable Sigs / Avatars Bigger
  29. Change colour of threads that have been read/ignored previously
  30. The ability to change and handle your username and threads
  31. Edit any posts in your thread
  32. [Done] Business section [small business help]
  33. Multi Lanuage section
  34. Countdown tickers
  35. [Done] Spelling and grammar check
  36. A little 'guide to' sticky?
  37. [Done] Automatically monitor a forum for new topics?
  38. Delete all threads older than a month
  39. [Not actioned] Democratic election of moderators
  40. Possible to remove 10 character limit for "I'm bored" ?
  41. [To-Do] Add-on to download a full thread.
  42. [To-Do] Re-vamp the property Section
  43. [Done] Embedded Images in Photography Forum
  44. [Not actioned] Some sort of 'Casino' type games
  45. [Not actioned] A mobile version of Sheffield Forum!
  46. [Done] Reduce the time needed between searches
  47. [To-Do] Property specific jobs section (Removals, gas, electric, gardening etc)
  48. Links, better to open a new window?
  49. [Done] Forum navigation links at bottom
  50. [Done] What are you reading?
  51. [Query answered] A student research thread?
  52. What about a live feed from Sheffield Radio Stations?
  53. All Megathreads in one place
  54. How to keep contentious threads open.
  55. [Done] "Back To Top" button/link
  56. [Done] Custom titles on 400 posts
  57. Keeping things tidy or overmoderating?
  58. Put a link to SENTA on Small Business thread.
  59. Photography Forums - more sub sections?
  60. Return to previous page after sending PM
  61. [Done] Bring back "Posted: Today" etc.
  62. Enable ads to be listed in both For Sale and Free/Swap
  63. Beware of time wasters using the classified section
  64. Roads & Traffic updates
  65. What has happened to the forum?
  66. Watered down threads
  67. Biker Forum. Do you want one
  68. Live music stations to listen to while browsing the forum
  69. A Religion Megathread
  70. [Done] A Sheffield Forum football section
  71. Confessions Section
  72. General history as a board?
  73. Always put a "thread moved" notice up
  74. [Done] Allow users to edit their own titles?
  75. Info on Closed / Deleted Threads
  76. [Done] A section for local fetes, summer fairs and public events
  77. Automatically Deleting PMs
  78. Flaming Section/Thread
  79. General Discussions - more sub sections?
  80. Travel News for Sheffield
  81. Green or eco-friendly forum area?
  82. Moderators change undescriptive titles in for sale/swaps area
  83. Go to newest posts in a thread
  84. A "My recent posts" link
  85. Suggestions for new forum groups
  86. Science fiction Interest Group
  87. [Not Actioned] Feedback forum for buying and selling
  88. [Done] Category browser for employment forums?
  89. Walkers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts
  90. Find a venue area on forum?
  91. Posting pictures directly into posts for the pets group?
  92. Gaming Drop Down In For Sale Section
  93. Free Classifieds - Alteration/Improvement
  94. Delete a PM when viewing it
  95. [Done] Change the default of the tick in 'Remember Me' box?
  96. [Not Actioned] Shout box on the forum
  97. 'Last Page' link change
  98. Show my threads at top of pages
  99. Should SF allow the B word?
  100. Mods, can we have a sticky ?
  101. The Four-Tiered Forum
  102. Is it about time SF got a facelift
  103. Stop the Megathreads
  104. Positive or negative Karma
  105. I'm bored should be divided in to two sections
  106. A virtual 'neighbourhood watch' section.
  107. Get rid of the loopy and rant smilies
  108. All threads to do with religion in one place
  109. Trying to find/Looking for people
  110. Takeaway menus - Revenue for the forum?
  111. Dating forum!
  112. Hyperlink - new browser window
  113. Quote multiple people
  114. Takeaway and restaurant section
  115. Events Calendar
  116. Health and Fitness Section.
  117. Tech support and gaming sections
  118. Silver surfers section.
  119. Local Area News
  120. Outdoor activities or Adventure Sports
  121. A direct upload of photos
  122. Benefits forum
  123. Ban signatures please
  124. Times on posts - missleading..
  125. Skype Button signature
  126. Delete Jobs available from the threads after a couple of months
  127. 'Hiding' individual threads from your viewing panel.
  128. Cancel an entire post after posting.
  129. Nice upgrade!!
  130. Something for the snag list - navigation tags at the bottom of the page
  131. Sheffield Forum - Rude Members Replying To Thread
  132. Searching through the property to let section
  133. Question regarding site filter
  134. The for sale section?
  135. Customised View New Posts - where's it gone?
  136. Profiles visible to non-members
  137. Prob locking threads
  138. [Done] Has anyone noticed this on the forum yet?
  139. Issue with remaining logged in
  140. Categories for the jobs available and wanted sections?
  141. [Query answered] The clock's wrong again
  142. Winter sub-forum
  143. Where have the thumbs gone?
  144. Chatroom
  145. Are the forum ads interfering with your browser?
  146. New beta classified section
  147. [Not Done] Home improvements
  148. New changes to the forum not good
  149. Page display on threads with multiple pages
  150. [Not Done] Ability to moderate your own thread